Day: July 5, 2010

Office Cleaning

Last night I tackled the office. Since it’s going to be the baby’s room, I thought that I should have it sorted out and find out what I can throw out, donate or sell.

Well, there’s a ton of trash. In fact, the closet was mostly empty boxes and stuff I haven’t touched in years, but I’ve been moving them from place to place since I lived downtown. As a point, the models I’ve completed and whatnot I haven’t seen since I lived downtown. Mind you, I did find my PG Gundam, and also found out that I didn’t complete it. But I think I was lucky enough to find the remaining sprews and the manuals. This is good, as I have the PG Zaku in the basement(no, no one is getting that one πŸ˜‰ )

I also found a bunch of my camcorder tapes so I’m interested to find out what might be on those. Some I know, like my trip, but the others, not so sure anymore πŸ™‚ I think I’ll also tackle putting those on DVD and just ditching the tapes. I know the camera has a firewire output, just not sure if I have an input anymore 😦

But since garbage day has come and gone, and I don’t want to move this crap to the basement, it still sits in the office. Which is fine, I spend less and less time in there as it is. I have Linux on my work laptop, and that suites me just fine. Mind you, I might do some gaming again, one day, probably when there’s power in the basement.

So that’s the next task. Plan out the power plugs in the basement. I have the basic materials that I need, and right now, it wouldn’t be a stretch to just put in all the outlets. Mind you, I have to move a few things down there before I get started. And I suspect that I’ll also need toΒ  buy more cable, but that’s not super expensive, so it’s all good. I’ll then get the permit(or should I do that first?) and have someone inspect my handy work. All in all, I think I can do this on my own as it’s not rocket science. As long as I’m careful and just take my time.

Not sure if we’re going to really complete the basement though, like drywall and flooring and whatnot. That’s a lot of money(more than we had really hoped for) and with the baby on the way, it’s not something we can conceivably do in the near future. But, that’s not a bad thing really. Completing the basement just takes a little time and a lot of money, and once we’re more secure with things, the money part will be easier to come by. The time thing, well, it’s a thing. I’m sure I can find time on the weekends to do things that need doing.

In theory…..