Cat's out of the bag

We found out the sex of the baby last Monday. Tara wanted it to be a surprise, but as soon as the tech said that she knew, Tara had to know 🙂

And it’s not like I encouraged her to keep it a secret or anything.

I told my mother later that day, but for some reason kept forgetting to tell anyone else. But, since I was at my nephews birthday party on Saturday, and told everyone there, I’ll tell the world now.

We’re having a boy 🙂

His name will be William [something] Fuller. Liam for short as to not have him be confused with his father. 😉

Now we get to start decoraitng the room 🙂

Mind you, it would have been a gender neutral theme anyway, but maybe I can slip some boy stuff in there 😀

2 thoughts on “Cat's out of the bag

  1. Congrats again.

    I saw screw gender neutral and go to town on a boys nursery. You’re much better off buying some basic crib sheets and bed skirt and then buy a twin sized quilt to add the theme in. In 3 year of using our nursery we have never used our crib-sized quilt but I do have to either pick it up off the floor or readjust in over the chair back everyday. Plus it’s a money saver in the long-run!

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