Day: August 30, 2010

Baby Monday: Readiness

Tara and I had a bit of a scare on Friday morning that landed us in the triage unit at the hospital. The end result is that Mom and Baby are fine, but the whole experience served as an eye opener; we’re not prepared for the delivery.

We have the baby’s room setup, we have enough clothes(at least, I think we do) and we have enough of the various things that the baby would need in his first few weeks. That was all started ages ago. What we don’t have is the bag for the hospital. Which, I guess, make sense. After all, he isn’t due for another two months(give or take) so why worry about it now? Well, Friday morning told us otherwise.

Before leaving, we threw together what we thought would be helpful, in the bag that Tara brought up(she had planned on making it soonish anyway) and off we went. I learned a few things that I probably read somewhere:

  • Flip flops are terrible footwear.  They’re not so bad when you’re just taking your time, and for short periods of time, but if you need to make a few trips to/from the car, forget it. The comfy shoes are going in my bag
  • Snacks! Oh we needed snacks. We were admitted at 3am, and Second Cup opened at 7am. That’s a long time to go when you’re tired and kinda grumpy. Maybe some decent instant coffee for daddy.
  • Distractions. We could really have used that. I stuffed an MP3 player into my pocket before I left, and while I didn’t use it, I’m glad I packed it. That and books or something else to distract me or Tara is a must. Wonder if we can pack the Wii?
  • Change of clothes. Tara thought ahead and snagged a nice warm robe, and she’s very glad she did. I didn’t do anything of the sort. Fair enough, I was there for all of, well, 10 hours, but still, a change of undies would have been nice I think. Or more comfortable pants.
  • Work. Maybe sure everything can be handed off at the last second. While this isn’t something that I can bring with me, it’s something that I need to do. Someone covered for me while I was out, but they even mentioned that not everything was up to date. And since I’m dealing with customers all day, they would feel better knowing that we didn’t drop the ball. So I think a new daily routine is in order. Not like I’ll stick to it, but still….

With all of this, I think we’ll be packing at least two bags. One for Tara, one for me. Mind you, mine will be full of junk that’ll never get used, but that’s just the kind of guy I am 😉

But, as I mentioned, the whole thing opened our eyes a little. While it was fair of us to not be completely ready, we’re also a little more aware that it could happen any time now really.  Not that we want it to, obviously, but we should plan for the worst(as such).

Since I have some new followers that are Dad’s, what would you say is the most important thing you packed in your hospital bag?