Month: October 2010

4 weeks

Liam has been with Tara and I for 4 weeks now. Not all at home mind you, but 4 weeks have gone by since his birth.

My Mom tells me he’s not really a month old, that would be Friday(sorta) but 4 weeks is nice to think about.

He was born at 5lb 3oz, and as of this morning is now 7lb 11oz!
Any worry that Tara and I had about underfeeding him have kinda been put aside 😉

And we can see how big he’s getting. We look at older pictures(older…seems silly) and we see the difference. Our website (BillLovesTara) has some updated pics, maybe you can see the difference too 🙂

Far away Grandma had to go home finally, she only has so much vacation in a year. So it’s just the two of us and the wee one.  So far so good, and we’re almost setting into a schedule, which of course means he’s already starting to change things up on us.

He had his first road trip, and I have to say did very well. Daddy wasn’t to smart, although he thought he was.
See, I have this power converter that goes from car to normal outlets. So we thought that we would bring the breast pump and an electric kettle for roadside feedings. Sounds reasonable right? I mean, it’s a 300w converter, and the box said I could watch a TV on it. Well, apparently the kettle takes a little more than 300w…as in 1500w! We blew out two car outlets before sorting that out. Good thing it was a rental 😉

It was 8 hours there, 8 back, and he held his own in the car seat. Not bad.

So in a month he gets his first round of shots, and I’m sure we’re all gonna love that.

So, he’s happy, healthy, and larger, all good things.

First Doctor Visit

We had our first doctors visit this morning. And I’m not sure if it was coincidental or not, but today is also the day he decided he didn’t need his cord bit anymore.
Do people keep this kind of thing? I’m sure some do.

He’s 19inches long and one oz over his birth weight, so he’s doing really well 🙂

It also means that we’re doing the right thing in terms of feeding and whatnot. This is a sigh of relieve as new parents. The doctor told us that we didn’t have to live the SCN mentality anymore and monitor every little thing. He’s fine with us checking his temp from time to time, but not to worry about it as of next week. Otherwise, we’re gonna go nuts.

He’s also saying that as of next week we might be able to challenge him a little with more food to see if he takes it. Right now, I just fed him at 2pm, and an hour later he’s still partially awake. I think he’ll be able to take it. Not too much of course, maybe another 5ml until he’s at 60, and I suspect he won’t take it each time, but it’s worth a shot(fatten the little guy up).
Also, we might be able to move the feedings down to every 4 hours, instead of 3. This will give us more of a break inbetween, which I think will be nice. Right now Tara has the night shift, so she has the 2 and 5 feeding. It’s not a great system right now, but she’s worried about my sleep. And she can nap during the day where as I cannot(or shouldn’t really). So for now it’s the system we have.

So, first doc visit, and he’s passing with flying colours.

Oh, one question; is it typical to have the first consult directly with the doc and then every other time you just see the nurse? Not sure I understand the point of that…