Day: January 22, 2011

4 months

It was 4 months ago today that Liam entered our lives. It’s been a quick, and long, 4 months. We’re just as tired now as we were then, but it’s a kind of tired that you don’t mind(well, much).
Tara and I really don’t have a schedule, we have a plan that we go through, but not so much a schedule. We’re starting that soon though, and I think it’ll be helpful on many fronts. Least of which will be more, or consistent, sleep. It’ll also give us a chance to spend more one on one time with each other, and get done the things we keep meaning to do. Those books aren’t going to read themselves 😉
I was told that there’s really no point in trying a schedule before the three month mark, and I guess his adjusted age is still 2.5(ish) months, but I think we’ll throw out that whole adjusted age thing, he doesn’t seem to be following that very well, and I think he’s a good 4 month old. So we’ll use that.

I look over and he’s swinging in his swing, looking up at the little birdies and generally just in a good mood. He has a little cold, but with some rest and warmth, he’ll get over that soon.

He smiles at us. He knows who we are, and smiles when we come into focus. And he loves to smile, and it’s rather easy to get him to do it.
It’s the kind of smile that can take all your cares away, the kind of smile that’s contagious.

He’s a joy to be around and I love the time I get to spend with him everyday.

So while the first 4 months have been a special kind of challenge, we’re looking forward for all the next challenges and everything that comes with it.