Month: February 2011

Bachelor Days 01

It’s quitting time at work, and I realise that I’m alone in the house.

OK, so I know I’ve been along for a few hours now, but now there’s nothing to really distract me.
Work has a good way to keep your mind doing things, and I decided to multi-task and reinstall Windows on the main PC at the same time. That’s also mostly done. So my mind starts to wander any my heart races a little.

This is the first time Tara and Liam have been away from me for any length of time. Sure, they do the mommy and me classes, but that’s a few hours. This is three weeks!
Three weeks to sit and talk to myself or the pets.
Three weeks to not see them everyday.
Three weeks!

The last time Tara was away for a weekend, the first night I was really out of sorts. I thought I would take that apart time and catch up on movies, but it seemed that nothing I watched I liked, and it just got weirder and weirder. So tonight, as it’s the first night, I’m going to write off all moods and maybe just go to bed early and start fresh tomorrow.

Now, I bet you’re sitting there thinking that I’m over reacting, and sure enough, I would agree. But understand that they’re flying somewhere, for the first time together. My wife and my son.
I think I have a right to be worried.

Anyway, as mentioned, it’s quitting time. They won’t be landing for another few hours as there have been delays because of the weather. And I suspect I’ll sort myself out more tomorrow.

And hey, I have 5 seasons of Lost to watch and a nice little to-do list to keep me busy.

But now, I think I’ll walk the dog.


Tickets purchased a day early thanks to AMEX.

Tara’s going with Steph and I think Steph’s sister, but don’t quote me 🙂

All I know is that I’m not going, and that’s just something I’ll have to live with I guess. It’ll take time, but the wounds will heal…

VD 2011

Tara and I always joke that the short form for Valentines Day is VD, and we still think it’s funny.

The day pretty much started as any other. I was up at 6:45 with Liam and we chilled and had breakfast for a little bit. When he was fed and in a good mood, I packed him up and we went to get doughnuts from the local bakery. Local in this case is the next town over. Hmmmm, that makes me sound like I live in the country, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Tara woke and kicked me out of the kitchen so she could make some brunch. This left Liam and I to chill upstairs and we had a good time until he decided that he wasn’t, so I wrapped him up and put him down. Brunch was amazing! We had french toast done in chocolate milk, with nutella and banana filling. Totally healthy! Also scrambled eggs with chives, goat cheese and tomato. OK, that part was healthy. Oh, and bacon, guess we wandered out of healthy again. But it’s not like we eat this daily, although I could get used to it 😉

The rest of the day was pretty much work time for me. But with no meetings and no super pressing issues, it went pretty smoothly. We watched a movie called ‘Never let Me go’, which, while well shot and acted and whatnot, was kinda depressing as hell. But worth the watch. It was supposed to be a little more romantic than it was.

Dinner was where I was at. Baked chicken with just olive oil, salt and pepper. Mashed potatoes and a nice salad. And this time we had Liam at the table with us.  Long ago we bought a high chair kinda thing, something that would strap onto a normal chair. And he did really well in it. Mind you, the tray part won’t be usable for that much longer as his legs already hardly fit underneath. But that’s ok, we’ll just push him right up to the table.

The rest of the evening was spent with massages and TV and then sleep.

Thanks to my wife for a lovely VD!

The speed of slow

It’s amazing how slow the government is at returning my money. If you haven’t read, I was one of those that thought a Tax Free Savings account was just that, a Savings account. So when we moved the money from one crappy account to a less crappy account, apparently that was against the rules and we got dinged for it. For $450.

So we wrote to the right people in June. June.

In December, when we thought we’d never get the money back, we got a letter saying that we were in deed going to get the refund.

Yesterday we actually got the money.


Granted, they at least threw in interest, so that’s something…

Of naps and sleep

Liam does one of these things fairly well. And it’s not the napping part.

Oh, he’ll nap, if he’s being held. But he’ll last about 30 minutes if you put him down. I suppose there’s a heat thing going on, but it makes typing a little harder when you only have the one hand to do it. I know there’s a crude joke in there, but if you could refrain that would be fantastic 😉
And for the most part this is just fine by me. Unless you have to do something, like let the dog in/out, feed the cat, go to the washroom. Holding a baby for any of these makes the task a little harder.
What is cute is that we give him the soother to help him sleep(one of the 5 s’s don’t ya know) and he’ll pop it out just before really falling asleep. Tara says he’s like a little turkey that way 🙂

Night sleeping is getting better. He appears to have on nights and off nights. The on nights he’s in bed by around 8 and will sleep until 1. Then 4, then usually 6 or 7. The off nights, well, are worse. He’ll be in bed for 8, up at 11, then every two hours after that.
But the on nights seem to be happening a little more than the off, so I think we have a good thing going here(touch wood).

The “No Cry sleep Solution” is helpful and let us know that “through the night” means a 5 hour stretch. It’s good to reset that expectation so you’re not driving yourself mad.

So we’re trying to keep him to a schedule, and therefore trying to learn a new schedule for us. We both feel that going to bed before midnight just feels too early. Which is silly, but it’s true.

Now if we could just get him to nap…

Last week I ditched work(all legit like so it’s cool) and joined Tara and Liam at a Stars and Strollers event at the local movie house. Yes, movie house. I just like the way that sounds. Going in I really didn’t know what to expect, other than the potential for a bunch of screaming babies and me not being able to enjoy a movie.

We walk in, order tickets, and I stand in line for goodies while Tara scores a seat. As per usual, the goodies guy is slow and generally takes for ever on the people in front of me, but speeds me right through. Not sure why this is, but it happens everytime I see a movie. Maybe it’s just that I know what I want, and I don’t have the ‘I’m up for chit-chat’ look on my face. This man is standing between me and popcorn, so it’s all business.

With goodies in hand, I wander to the theatre to join my love and baby. First thing I notice, no one to collect tickets. Hmmm. Second thing I notice was a change table, which I thought was handy. The theatre is pretty empty, but that doesn’t last. Sure, it wasn’t full by the time the movie started, but it wasn’t just a couple of us there. I also noticed that groups were starting to form, as it’s obvious some mothers use this as a social thing. And why not? I would.

The ads and trailers were really loud, but when the movie started, we could hardly hear it. And since it was a movie about talking(The Kings speech btw, awesome) we were worried we’d have to read lips. Then it got louder, and all was good.

There were crying babies all around us, including our own. And while this wasn’t a surprise, what was is that it didn’t bug me at all. People talking during a movie bugs me, but I think that’s because they make a conscious decision to be annoying. Babies just cry, it’s what they do. And it’s not like any of the parents just let them wail, they did try to keep them quiet, it just didn’t always work. And that’s fine.

Overall, I think Tara and I were just happy to get out to a movie and be able to enjoy it. We think the last one we saw was just after Liam was born.

Oh, and they never did collect our tickets, so maybe next time we’ll just wander in 😉