Of naps and sleep

Liam does one of these things fairly well. And it’s not the napping part.

Oh, he’ll nap, if he’s being held. But he’ll last about 30 minutes if you put him down. I suppose there’s a heat thing going on, but it makes typing a little harder when you only have the one hand to do it. I know there’s a crude joke in there, but if you could refrain that would be fantastic 😉
And for the most part this is just fine by me. Unless you have to do something, like let the dog in/out, feed the cat, go to the washroom. Holding a baby for any of these makes the task a little harder.
What is cute is that we give him the soother to help him sleep(one of the 5 s’s don’t ya know) and he’ll pop it out just before really falling asleep. Tara says he’s like a little turkey that way 🙂

Night sleeping is getting better. He appears to have on nights and off nights. The on nights he’s in bed by around 8 and will sleep until 1. Then 4, then usually 6 or 7. The off nights, well, are worse. He’ll be in bed for 8, up at 11, then every two hours after that.
But the on nights seem to be happening a little more than the off, so I think we have a good thing going here(touch wood).

The “No Cry sleep Solution” is helpful and let us know that “through the night” means a 5 hour stretch. It’s good to reset that expectation so you’re not driving yourself mad.

So we’re trying to keep him to a schedule, and therefore trying to learn a new schedule for us. We both feel that going to bed before midnight just feels too early. Which is silly, but it’s true.

Now if we could just get him to nap…

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