Twitter Updates for 2011-03-10

  • Lego Tardis! #
  • on the phone with some "computer support" scammer…let's see how this goes. #
  • The errors and warnings in my event viewer are caused by files downloaded without my knowledge…causing my computer to run slow #
  • He's waiting for his supervisor….now clicking on Start #
  • Now we're going to Windows\prefetch…didn't even know that existed…OMG, what are these!?!?!?!? Apparently these are all infections….OMG #
  • Thank god he's connecting me to an engineer to help my sorry computer…thank god he called, I don't know what I would have done… #
  • – after disabling javascript doesn't seem to do anything
    but he still want's me to go there.oh man, whatever shall I do? #
  • but now I can't surf anywhere. Trying now…and I still can't surf. Geez…I hope he can help me soon! #
  • asked if I wanted someone to help me out…I thought that was the point of the call…now he hangs up. Dammit, I thought I would get further #
  • well that was a fun 10 minutes… #

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