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For some reason, one Sunday morning I caught most of the documentary Metal:A Headbangers Journey. Not sure why this was on at 8am on a Sunday, but there I was, watching it. And Liam of course, but I think I got more out of it than he did.
They went over the map of Metal, from the old school British stuff to some Dark Metal that tends to burn down churches. There were a lot of great interviews, and these were the same guys that followed Iron Maiden on their Somewhere Back in Time tour. And they’re Canadian πŸ™‚
So it got me to thinking that there’s an awful lot of metal that I’ve heard of, but never heard. Venom, Saxon, Diamond Head and Angel Witch being some. So, the internet being the kind of place that it is, I started to download lots and lots of stuff.
I started with Venom. And in short, I like Venom. Well, the first two records anyway, just haven’t heard the rest. I can really hear where they would have influenced other bands that came after; Metallica, Megadeth etc. There was a certain sound and riff style that was really familiar.
I then decided to grab NWOBHM ’79 Revisited and give it a listen. I think this is where the term Metal wanders off.
Metal, like all music, is subjective. What I call Metal, or think of Metal, might not be the way you think of Metal.Β  And to make matters worse, I often change my mind when it suits me πŸ™‚
As an example:
I would consider the original Black Sabbath Metal. But I would never consider Led Zeppelin metal.

-as a side note
I should really listen to more Zeppelin to confirm this though
-end side note

I would generally not consider Ozzy Osbourn as metal, with some exceptions. Same with Judas Priest(until Painkiller). But both are considered Metal by most accounts (Metal Gods and all that).
Hair Metal, Glam Metal(are they the same thing?) and generally popular 80’s metal. This is not metal.
I consider Metallica metal, but not Motely Crue(at least nothing past the first record) Same with Guns n Roses(hey, Appitite was awesome).
The rest; they should be eaten by GWAR.
So where was I?
Ah yes, NWOBHM. For the most part, not Metal at all. Hard Rock, sure, just not Metal.
That doesn’t mean it couldn’t have influenced Metal. I have to take things with a grain of salt and think that, in 1979, this would be really fast stuff and excite a lot of people.
The same way the Punk movement influenced more Punk bands, and probably these bands.
It’s interesting to see it as a stepping stone. There is a direct line from Punk->NWOBHM->Metal. It’s clear as day.
But what is Metal to me?
I think I can boil it down; it’s fast. Always. Fast.
I don’t know who I can blaim for the ‘power ballad’ crap that seems to be included in every metal album, but I hate who started that, and you are so not getting a Christmas card from me.
You want to show me range? Fine. Play. Faster! That is all.
Anyway, that’s my little thing on Metal.

Mirror Mirror Internet

I get an email this morning that one of the OSC sites that maintain is throwing some kind of virus warning.
So I log onto the site and it throws a 404. OK, maybe the host deleted or suspended the site because of the virus. It’s happened before and it kinda makes sense now.
I login to the CPanel and the File Manager. There’s no store.
I check the databases. There’s no store.
I email back the person, and they say that they can still connect to the store.
And that they can see the database in the CPanel.
Odd, so I try again. Still no luck.
So I’m thinking that; maybe I installed it to a different host. So I try my default host.
Nope, no store, test or otherwise, and no database.
OK, maybe it’s actually on the original host?

β€”side note
I’m working on three separate hosts:
1. HostPapa for my default(where this blog is)
2. Another HostPapa, where things are going to be moving to, and where this OSC *should* be
3. The old host which is rather limiting and we’re trying to move away from
β€”end side note

After doing a little back and forth via email, I get a call.
They’re sitting at the computer, they go to the site, and they see the store.
They navigate the store.
They can login to the store.
Cache alone doesn’t do this.
I go to the site again. I get a 404.
So I send him the link to the CPanel that I’m logged in at. He goes there; different layout, different server.
He can see the backend database, I cannot.
He tries a different computer connected to the same internet hookup. *Now* they can see the same thing I can.
Clear the cache on the old computer, same problem. Install a portable web browser, same problem.
Reboot the computer(bad DNS cache?). Nope.
So…ummm…we backed up the database from the mystery location, backed up the store from the same mystery location, and now I’ll do something with it.
In all of this, one question had to be asked:
Did the store they were seeing have a goatee?

The E.A.S.Y way

Tara and I started the Baby Whisperers E.A.S.Y method on Monday. For those that don’t know, that’s:


What this does is get his day on a routine. Something he’s never had before, and I have to say, that it’s working rather well.

For the past few nights he’s gone to bed between 7 and 8, eaten once at 11(because we wake him to do so) and slept until 5:30. Sure, that’s still early, but it’s a far cry from being up every two or so hours. Sometimes even more.

It’s almost made the days feel normal πŸ˜‰

The theory of the method works like this(for his age):

Day starts at 7 with a feeding(with a bottle)
Then solid food at 8:30
Nap at 9
Feeding at 11
Solids at 12:30
Nap at 1
Feeding at 3
Solids at 5:30
Feeding at 7
Feeding at 11

The nap times are approximate. Really, any times between feedings are his. He can play or nap or both. The trick is to keep him on the feeding schedule so that he gets enough during the day and doesn’t wake up all the time at night hungry.
As I said, this has mostly worked really well.
He(like his parents) seems to want more food later in the day, being a light eater in the morning. This is fine. He’s not suffering(by the looks of it) and appears to still be gaining weight. As time goes on, I’m sure he’ll eat roughly the same amount through out the day.

Before this method, he was a snacker.Β  He would eat when hungry, but only eat what he wanted. But he would eat whenever he wanted. This was our fault, but we didn’t know any better.

Now we do πŸ™‚

And we’re working to correct it. And it’s working.

So expect to see Tara and I actually getting sleep(at the same time!) and Liam actually sleeping through the night.

It’ll be nice…

Collecting Cartoons

With the recent surge of 80’s cartoons being re-released to my generation, I thought it might be a good idea to actually start collecting these for Liam.

So that’s my official excuse. Never mind that I started doing this before I met Tara even, I was always doing it for a future child of mine πŸ˜‰

So far I have Voltron(and Go Lion just in case) and Transformers. I’m currently working on getting He-Man, MASK and GI Joe. And these are the original ones, no revamps. Mind you, the new CGI Voltron looks pretty…well…pretty. I’m sure there’s a ton of cartoons that I’m not thinking of, as I recall Saturday mornings really ran from 6am to about noon with back to back good cartoons. And that’s something I’m not seeing today.

Not to say that kids should be plopped in front of the TV all day, but Saturday morning should still be fun.

And I suspect that I’m really collecting all of this for me in hopes that he likes it, and that it might not actually live up to my memory.

But it’s worth a shot πŸ˜‰