Month: May 2011



I want to thank my wonderful wife for the most amazing day. We had a little picnic in the living room(as it was a million degrees outside), a lovely dinner and an all round wonderful day!

While 36 isn’t really a milestone year, it has been one heck of a year.

I’m suddenly a husband and a father, all in the same year. Before this, I was a bachelor with an empty house. I won’t lie to you and say it has been a smooth transition, but I’m working on it and I love the new life that I have.

Thanks Everyone!

ANother Anime North


Returned last night from Anime North. I didn’t go last year so I was geared up to go this year. I wonder if I spoiled it with the hype? 😉

In terms of things to do, the convention has been lacking for me for some time now. Granted, I always have a good time, but I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth all the expense and whatnot. Darcy and I were commenting on this while heading towards the gaming portion of the weekend.

Our interests have changed. In terms of fandom, I’ve moved into general sci-fi, horror and tech. And if there’s an anime like that for me, then cool, I won’t turn my nose up. But it has to come to me, I’m just not likely to seek it out. There will always be a place for Giant Robots, so I’m not worried about that, it’s just the rest of it that doesn’t interest me.  

When I first started this anime thing, it could do no wrong. Yes, some were better than others, but it was all good. And as I watched more, and realised that it’s just TV in Japan. And like TV anywhere, it has it’s ups and downs.  One of the main aspects that I do like about anime is that(for the most part) it’s finite. Series end, and not after 7 years. Usually after one. There’s a story, it was told, now it’s done. I really like that, and I wish there was more of that on TV in general. But there isn’t.

What happened?

I’m not sure if there was just one thing that happened, I think I just lost more and more interest over time. And with more and more anime coming out these days, it’s a little overload to try and find the good stuff(it’s still out there). The current fandom of anime is just really young(the vast majority anyway) and they are totally in love with Anime. For them it’s still at the ‘can do no wrong’ stage.  And for some of the older ones, it’ll always be at that stage. And that’s fine. But I’m just not in the same group as they are. And they’re the ones being catered to. And again, that’s fine, it’s a business. I’m not ‘hardcore’ like I was in collage and a few years after.  And I wonder if I really ever was ‘hardcore’ or just a fan. I think the most hardcore thing I did was watch a Gundam series in Japanese with Chinese subtitles.

So now what?

Darcy and I were talking about this. While we both enjoy Anime North, there’s just not a ton of stuff for us to do there. And that we would likely get more out of a different con, but it’s a matter of finding that con. And if we ever win the lottery we’re going to start our own con 🙂

So will I go back next year? Honestly, just not sure. I doubt I’ll find something better, and there’s a little more to it than just anime.  And overall it’s still a good experience. I just wish there was more to do 🙂


I wonder if I can get on the board remotely, maybe steer them in a slightly different direction. I guess that’s the problem with a fan run con, everyone wants in.  But I’ll look into it.

Word Wednesdays:Old School

Sure, two words, but who’s counting?
I’ve been a little obsessed with ‘old school’ things of late. Be it video games or music, the past has caught up to me and is forcing me to have fun with it.
That sounds kinda dirty, but I’ll go with it.
In fact, the simple text app that I’m using to write this post sounds like a typewriter, and looks like a console(green and black and everything).
So how did this happen and why now?
The how I think started some time ago, probably a couple of years ago. Steam had a sale on all things X-Com, I think it was all the games for like $5 or something silly, and I fell for it.
To remind you, X-Com could be played comfortably on a 386. And that’s what Doug and I did. Sure, we also ‘hacked’ it to give us a lot of funds, but that’s what happens when nerds discover hex editing and video games at roughly the same time.
So I played X-Com a lot when I bought it recently, and tried my best not to hack it. I kinda failed. It’s just too much resource management that I mostly suck at.
For whatever reason, that led to Sydicate. The best part of playing these games is realising that you can just leave them running and nothing bad happens. Since I’m running this on a virtual console(DOSBox), I can just jack up the speed, and come back and years have past, therefore giving me a lot of funds the ‘legal’ way.
It was something that the original programmers probably didn’t take into account, but at the time, multi-tasking really wasn’t there.
Just recently, when Tara was away, I started playing Crusader: No Remorse. Game of the year in 1995 😉
And you know what, all these game still kick ass. And I don’t think it’s just nostalga talking.
It had decent graphics, most of the environment was explodable, and the music was awesome ‘tracker’ techno that was just kinda cool in those days.
However, to my dismay, it didn’t have an auto-save feature, something I’ve come to expect in games. And it seems to be most evident at the worst times 😦
I think these games held up because, unlike today, the original developers couldn’t rely on just the pretty graphics to suck you in. They had to have this game play element that I think is lacking in a lot of recent games. Not all, just most. And adding to that, I think it’s the rise of the FPS that’s made this most clear. Sure, still fun to play, but nothing that really blows me away.
The exceptions of course are the ones that realise that a good back story is still nice to have.
Anyway, I’m drifting here.
So what have I been playing you ask?
Curse of the Azure Bonds(I have to slow this one down a little)
Crusader: No Remorse
Prince of Persia(mind you it appears I suck at this)
Wanted to play Pool of Radiance, but it seems I’m missing a disk or something silly.
and Out of This World.
All in all, good times really.
Not that I have a ton of time to play these days, but most of them I can save frequently(just not automatically)