Month: June 2011

Tweet Friday: 2011-06-24

  • At the dragon boat festival. How can they race in this heat? #
  • Just saw someone in a princess Leia bikini. Didnt expect that #
  • FireFox 5? Didn't I just upgrade to 4.0.1? #
  • @flying_squirrel Makes sense. I mean, Chrome is at what, v110 by now? 😉 However I keep thinking that a major v should have major changes. #
  • Snack time with Liam. He's having a cookie and I'm having really sweet applesauce. Watching some kind of craft show on Treehouse. Good times #

Busy Weekend

At least for us it was.

Saturday, after Tara let me sleep in a little, I took Liam out do to a little shopping so that Tara could catch some more sleep in peace. Liam has entered the ‘screaming randomly’ stage, and it makes it a little difficult to sleep 🙂

We popped out to Shoppers to get coffee(it was cheap at $6/can) and I should have enough now until it goes on sale again. Then off to Zellers to get cheap shirts while they still had them in stock. This is a big pet peev with Zellers. They have all these sales and no stock. And the cashier was being a ditz so that didn’t help matters. But I got me some shirts. Tara reminded me later that I should have gotten shorts too. Arg!

Then after some lunch and organizing, we got our butts in gear and headed to the Dragon Boat Festival at Mooney’s Bay. It’s one of those things that I had always meant to go to, but never really got around to it. There was a free shuttle from Carleton U to the festival, and the driver was nice enough to let us sit on the air conditioned bus while he was waiting for his time to go.

It was such a nice day to be out, and when we got to the beach part, there was this wicked cool breeze coming off the water. I think we could have stayed there all day 🙂

We enjoyed the beach for a little longer and then wandered into the festival itself. I have to say that there really wasn’t all that much to do. The vender tents weren’t anything special and there wasn’t a whole lot for kids to do. Granted, Liam would have been too young anyway, but just saying. We did catch some of a magic act, and that was pretty good even if people kept standing directly in front of Tara. I mean really, are people just that rude?

Back to the beach it was. Tara and I enjoyed our lunch, Liam enjoyed his bottle, and we all enjoyed the beach. But it was getting late, and Liam had already missed his afternoon nap, and really didn’t nap well during the morning, so we didn’t want to push it.

That evening we found the answer to “Wonder what would happen if the dog ever caught a squirrel.” Well, we know now 😦 There was a commotion outside, and it sounded like a squeak toy. But there was the squirrel, all dead like, but thankfully not eaten. I suspect she “played” with it more than anything. But it required burying, so that’s what I did. Poor thing.

Sunday was even busier. It started early with scone making(thanks to my lovely wife) and a church breakfast to welcome new members. This was only about an hour, and I chatted with people I had known for some time that decided to go back to our church. Then a little downtime(as in about 20 minutes) and off to my parents church as they were dedicating a plaque to my Grandmother. That ran longer than I had expected and we were a little late for our lunch with one of Tara’s friends. Not that she minded. It was a good lunch and Liam was behaving himself rather well 🙂

Then a little more down time before dinner at my parents place. My Aunt and Uncle from BC were here and we did a Fathers Day BBQ. As a future reminder, for some reason, hot dogs don’t sit well anymore. For either Tara or myself. But I still crave them on occasion with KD.

All in all it was a busy, but pretty awesome, weekend. And it was Fathers Day, which is cool as it was my first. Since Tara was a little under the weather, we’re more likely to do FD stuff today, but it’s always nice to have quality family time with my family 🙂

Super 8 vs Thor

Tara and I stepped out of the house and headed to the closest drive in we could find. It’s 40 minutes away, and really seems to be in the 80’s(at best). Mind you, as Tara mentioned, there’s not much you can do to modernize a drive-in. It is nice though that you can tune into the local FM instead of the old style speakers. It makes adjusting the volume, so that the baby in the back can sleep, a lot easier.

Anyway, the point of this is that the double feature was Super 8 and Thor.

Super 8 really wasn’t that super. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but what I got was a cross between Goonies and ET. Again, not bad, but I guess I was expecting more of a monster flic than…well, not. In fact, I think the best part was the Zombie flic that the kids were making being shown during the credits. THAT was awesome. And it made me sad. I was going to make a zombie flic…

But that’s another sad story.

Thor on the other hand was exactly what I expected it to be. Campy. It made no real attempt to be anything but fun. And from what I saw of it, it lived up to that. I say ‘what I saw of it’ because, well, I’m old, and at around 12:30 I was falling asleep, and since we had a 40 minute drive ahead of us, falling asleep there would be bad.

But it’s a movie that I would like to see the rest of, because it’s a good popcorn movie, and actually looks rather funny(on purpose I hope).

But Super 8…just wasn’t doing it for me.

The Great toy drive

Liam’s birthday is coming up in September, so Tara has started buying toys now while they’re on sale as opposed to closer to his birthday, when I’m sure they won’t be.

The great part about this is that we don’t really have to hid anything, he simply won’t remember. In fact, they’re all in his closet 🙂 And I’ve already played with some(quality control and the like…really…)

It’s been kind of my mission to make sure that he has toys that will challenge him, and not just make noise. Granted, at his current stage, all he wants to do is make noise. Which is fine. I guess. But the screaming…

Anyway, so for his birthday Tara noticed that they had this cool MegaBlocks construction table on sale, so she rushed off to ToysRUs to get it. And a big bag of blocks. Because the table only comes with 12. Really, 12? Better to have 80 🙂

92 and a table now…but I digress. As you well know.

He loves to move things and examine things with his hands, so these blocks should really fit in when he’s old enough to actually understand what they’re supposed to do. And it’s going to be a blast to watch him try them all out. Guess that’s a gift to me 🙂

New Bike

I got me a brand new bike Sunday with all my birthday monies.

It’s not a super top notch expensive bike, as I can’t afford that. But it’s a nice new bike that does the trick.

For those that are interested: Supercycle Tempo 700C Road Bike

It’s not the colour listed, but it’s a nice yellow and silver. The bike itself is nice and light and the gears change really easily. Mind you, it needs some gear adjustments, but there’s a 30 free-adjustment thingy included so I’ll take advantage of that. It has a quick adjustable seat and overall handles really well. Mind you, I’ve ridden it a total of once, but I still like it.

My old bike, which was free from my Dad, was steel frame and felt it. It was fine for free, but when it broke I started to use Tara’s bike.  It’s another SuperCycle, but it was mucho lighter than my old one, and I started to like that. So I went with light.

Along with this, I actually bought my first helmet and finally got some fenders for those wet days.

While Tara’s bike was nice, I didn’t want to adjust it at all so the seat was too low. That’s what my knees and thighs tell me anyway. Having the seat at the right height really makes a big difference.

Anyway, it’s really nice to have a bike of my own again, so thanks to everyone that pitched in 🙂