Day: June 8, 2011

New Bike

I got me a brand new bike Sunday with all my birthday monies.

It’s not a super top notch expensive bike, as I can’t afford that. But it’s a nice new bike that does the trick.

For those that are interested: Supercycle Tempo 700C Road Bike

It’s not the colour listed, but it’s a nice yellow and silver. The bike itself is nice and light and the gears change really easily. Mind you, it needs some gear adjustments, but there’s a 30 free-adjustment thingy included so I’ll take advantage of that. It has a quick adjustable seat and overall handles really well. Mind you, I’ve ridden it a total of once, but I still like it.

My old bike, which was free from my Dad, was steel frame and felt it. It was fine for free, but when it broke I started to use Tara’s bike.  It’s another SuperCycle, but it was mucho lighter than my old one, and I started to like that. So I went with light.

Along with this, I actually bought my first helmet and finally got some fenders for those wet days.

While Tara’s bike was nice, I didn’t want to adjust it at all so the seat was too low. That’s what my knees and thighs tell me anyway. Having the seat at the right height really makes a big difference.

Anyway, it’s really nice to have a bike of my own again, so thanks to everyone that pitched in 🙂