Month: August 2011

Tweet Friday: 2011-08-26

  • And the basement is *finally* wired up! I won't win awards for best looking wiring job, but it does work and not on fire… #
  • RIP Jack Layton; and since I will not have a beer with, or invite another politician into my house, I'm unsure of who to vote for now…. #
  • I realize that it's the point, but there's far too much signing in Glee. #

Tweet Friday: 2011-08-05

  • Wonders when I should introduce the classic Sat morning cartoons to Liam…might just stick with Peep for now 🙂 #
  • I've often wondered myself…this is more for the parents out there 🙂 LICD #
  • Woo! Looks like I'll have company while Tara is off seeing NKOTBSB! No hanging tough on my own… #