Month: October 2011

Tweet Friday: 2011-10-21

  • Hey, guess who's back in an office? Blah! No monitors, no keyboards/mice. Only a phone. Good thing I requested all the other things… #
  • Cube is starting to fill up. However, I can't officially login to the network, but I can use it. #
  • About to head to Saunders Farm with the rest of the daycare gang. Please don't rain! #
  • @SCOTTDKPARKER yea, but we would have been swimming anyway 🙂 #

Tweet Friday: 2011-10-14

  • Send good vibes for Ringo, he's heading into the hospital to see if we can get him up on his feet again. Poor kitty can't catch a break… #
  • At home with a sick kid. Poor guy has been fighting it since Sunday. It sounds like a little monster got stuck in his lungs 😦 #
  • New costume idea for Liam: Imperial Walker! Yes, there's a hidden meaning here, see if you can guess it 😉 #