Day: November 28, 2011


I’m really bad at it.



Just tonight I got all my December plans messed up. Granted, I can usually turn to Tara to sort me out. She has a much better head for this kind of thing.

And I’ve tried to get organized. Task organizers, To-Do managers, you name it, I’ve tried most. The problem, and I now understand my Dad suffers from it as well, is that anything new is cool and gung-ho for the first week. Then, well, it starts to get old. And the week after that, I forget it completely.

I have a hard time sticking to a system. Or maybe it has a hard time sticking to me. It could be that I’m asking too much from it. I want it to be portable, customizable, easy to use, hard to forget. And I find a few of these, but again, nothing seems to stick.

Paper seems to have been the best system that stayed with me. And even then, I’ll forget to pick it up, loose a pen, whatever. So out it went too.

I’ve toyed with the idea of making my own system. But then, where’s my time?

So I’m still on the lookout.

I suppose I could use my Lotus Notes from work. It has a calendar, task list, reminders and alarms. But the same problems happens. I am a master of ignoring alarms.

Maybe it’s like smoking. Maybe I just have to want to be more organized, and find myself a simple little system and stick with it.

There’s a hope that, when I get a smartphone in February, that I’ll finally be organized.

I doubt it, but there’s hope.

Anyone have any tricks to stay organized? I’ll try just about anything 😉