Christmas Party

Today we had the whole gang over for our Christmas party. It was a good opportunity to see everyone in one place. It’s not something that we really get to do that often.  There was a fair amount of work put in to get it all sorted and done, but it’s effort that’s well worth the….effort. Hmm.

People started showing up at 1 and the party pretty much just started itself. It was good to see people catching up with each others lives, seeing what’s new and generally just getting along like no time has passed at all. That has to say something about people that have been friends for so long. No matter what, time just doesn’t matter. But you can’t let too much pass by. Which reminds me, I have catch up with some long distance people.

Everyone brought food, and we made food, so there was lots of food to be had. And people didn’t eat as much as they should have, and we actually had to send some home with people, as we didn’t want to eat all the remaining stuff before we head to Vancouver. I would be a peach on the plane if I did…

Once everyone caught up, we dove into the gifts. And boy was there a pile of them to go through. It was a lot of fun watching the kids just dive into these gifts. The paper was flying and the giggles were abundant. Even the adults got a few things. Steph made everyone some ornaments; either angry birds or star wars. Both were very cool.

We had planned to make Ginger Bread houses, and just never got around to it. Mind you, by this time all the kids were hopped up on sugar and probably wouldn’t sit still enough to actuallty make it through. But they were having a ton of fun regardless. Tara and I set up this play area for the kids in the guest bedroom, of which Alice and William spent the most time. In fact, the were even in bed together. And if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re 3 and 2.5, we would be worried. But really, they spent the most of their time giggling. It was really fun to listen to, and partake in.

In the end, everyone left with gifts, food, and excellent memories.

One thought on “Christmas Party

  1. We had a great time too! There was a lot of food! I tried a bit of everything at it was all delicious. I can’t wait for another excuse for us all to get together again. It’s always a fun time. =)

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