Day: May 14, 2012


My brother and I were talking Lego before dinner tonight. Their son(my nephew) is really into the Star Wars Lego and mostly gets them for the mini-figs. It’s to the point where, when his parents buy a set, they’re doing this mini-fig/$ math to see if it’s worth it. At this point the Death Star is actually the most economical set for that ratio. But it’s still $500. But DAMN if it isn’t cool Smile

As the discussion went on, I was thinking that, if I had all the money I needed, I would go get Liam all the more recent City sets. This way he could build his own Lego town. Darcy had this, and it was awesome!

And it was around this time that MASK(wow, lots of links in this post) was on the air, so we started to convert the buildings and whatnot to be weaponized bases and whatnot.

We would also build a whole story around it and play our scenarios. The Mayor was always the dumbest while the used car salesman was the mastermind of the whole place. Fun times for pre-teens.

And it kept us out of trouble.

So yea, if I had all that cash, the City sets would be first on my list for Liam. Then the rest of the Star Wars sets for me Smile

Guess where I wasn’t?

And if you guessed Ottawa Comic Con, you would be right! That, and you’re probably reading my twitter/facebook posts 😛

Yes, good old Captain Procrastination didn’t buy his tickets in time and missed out. The only upside(for lack of a better term) is that the people I was going to go with also didn’t buy their tickets, so we all didn’t go at the same time.

Yay us!

Since I wasn’t there, but others were, here is a list of sites that have pictures:

I was also reading that the guests that were doing autographs were charging for them. The Shat was charging $75 each, which seemed a little steep to me. The Hulk was charging $30 I think. I’m not sure how I feel about this to be honest with you. I mean, for some of these folks, that’s how they make their living. But you would think they also get paid to actually show up as well. Don’t they?

So if I had gone, and was told I was going to be charged to get a picture or autograph, I think I would have been a little disappointed.

Am I the last to know about this kind of stuff?

Anywho, we’ve all decided that we’re going to try for next year and actually buy our tickets at a reasonable time 🙂