Guess where I wasn’t?

And if you guessed Ottawa Comic Con, you would be right! That, and you’re probably reading my twitter/facebook posts 😛

Yes, good old Captain Procrastination didn’t buy his tickets in time and missed out. The only upside(for lack of a better term) is that the people I was going to go with also didn’t buy their tickets, so we all didn’t go at the same time.

Yay us!

Since I wasn’t there, but others were, here is a list of sites that have pictures:

I was also reading that the guests that were doing autographs were charging for them. The Shat was charging $75 each, which seemed a little steep to me. The Hulk was charging $30 I think. I’m not sure how I feel about this to be honest with you. I mean, for some of these folks, that’s how they make their living. But you would think they also get paid to actually show up as well. Don’t they?

So if I had gone, and was told I was going to be charged to get a picture or autograph, I think I would have been a little disappointed.

Am I the last to know about this kind of stuff?

Anywho, we’ve all decided that we’re going to try for next year and actually buy our tickets at a reasonable time 🙂


One thought on “Guess where I wasn’t?

  1. Those prices seem a little steep to me too. I’d feel better about it if they donated the money they charged to a local charity. That would be much classier. I’m pretty sure The Shat isn’t hurting for money.

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