Tweet Friday 2012-07-13

  • Maiden was awesome last night. Even heard Phantom of the Opera, didn't expect that. Thanks again to an awesome wife for this gift 🙂 #
  • Windows is in repair mode after an update last night. It's the second time in a row! Reload needed or just wait for 8 upgrade in the fall? #
  • The main problem with Windows repair is that it doesn't look like it's DOING anything…I mean, a little onscreen message would be nice… #
  • OK, so Ubuntu can't mount the windows drive, but I found my prod key to reinstall. Buuut, there are things I want from that drive first 😦 #
  • @thinkschematwo might be a little past the mbr, it still tries to boot into windows, I think there's a disk error. Might have to try BartPE in reply to thinkschematwo #
  • @thinkschematwo this partition thing might do the trick :). I'll have to at least give it a try assuming its a live cd in reply to thinkschematwo #
  • @thinkschematwo that's just the thing. If it wasn't for a handful of files I would just attempt to reinstall. Should have used dropbox 😉 in reply to thinkschematwo #
  • @thinkschematwo I've had Audiosurf for ages, just never really got any good at it. Might have to dust it off and give it another go 🙂 in reply to thinkschematwo #
  • So, data recovery not going so well. Linux can't mount it or read from the partition. So I just resized another and I'm installing win. Woot #
  • I mean, the partition software could still see files on the partition, so that leaves me with hope. I think it's time for a new drive… #

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