Big Boy Room


Last night, we upgraded Liam’s room to 2.0:Big Boy. He has a twin mate’s bed(apparently captains beds have additional storage at foot), a proper dresser and we’ve moved out the crib and change table. The transformation isn’t complete(ok, we’ll call it 2.0 beta) as there’s some decoration still needed, but functionally, it’s upgraded.

And he slept in the bed last night with no wake ups. I think this is because some time ago we removed one side of his crib and replaced it with the bed guard, and kept that bed guard on the new bed, so he’s used to it. While he went to bed a little later than usual last night, there wasn’t much of a fight with the new bed(he’s been a little difficult to put down lately).

I have to admit that it’s now a little odd to go in there. For over two years it was the baby room, where we rocked him to sleep, changed diapers, fed him, and now it’s a little space for him to play and sleep in. We might move the train table up there, but we’re still on the fence as it’s an easy thing for him to play with on the main level, and it doesn’t take up too much space.

The next thing to do is arrange the basement as a play/work out area for all of us. We want to partially finish the basement and make a little zone for his kitchen and other toys so that he can hang out with Mom and Dad as they exercise. Or just hang out and have fun.

So while I miss the babies room, I’m looking forward to hanging out in the little boys room.

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