The first round of fashion show pics are up.
So far, they’re broken up into three pages, the first AJ page and two collections pages…
Again, if you have any problems with Crosswinds, click this and it should help.

This man has figured it out!
With everyone and their dog owning a web-cam of some sort, only a few of them are using it for anything useful. Most are taking stupid pictures of themselves, just so they can.
Now me, I bought a $1000 digital video camera, so that I could take it on my road trip, and take perty shots of all the kewl places that I’ll be going.
And so that I could talk into it, something akin to the “Blare Witch Project”…and record my dwindling sanity….as I become more alone…and to catch UFOs at Area 51!
And boobies, don’t forget boobies!
And anime chicks…hmmmm…anime chicks….

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