I would have had some pics from the fashion show up today, but I don’t.
And it’s not like it’s really my fault or anything….really…
I plugged in the camera, popped open Ulead Video…something, and proceded to play the tape. Then, I hit the “Capture Picture” button, and it crashes!
So, I open it up again, do the same thing, and it crashes again!
So, I re-install it, and no dice.
I decided that it was probably due to me adding a bunch of codecs, so I decided to re-install Win2K, and I haven’t tried it yet.
Maybe tonight I’ll have it working, or not.
Also, thinking that I could call in my speeding ticket and pay for it on my Visa, I was putting it off a little(had 15 days afterall, plenty of time). Saturday I decide that I better call it in because I was running a little short on time, and I can’t find a phone number to call, nor any little write up that I can do this in the first place!
It looks like I have to get a money order to pay for this, on Monday, because Monday is the 15th day…that’s today….I’m soooo stupid….

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