OK, some REAL updates.
I’ve added some ‘in progress’ pics with some of my models.
These were taken with the picture option of my video camera, so the resolution is 720×480. I was gonna cut them all down, but it still shouldn’t take that long to load.
The models that I’ve updated are (all in the MG area):

* Gundam
* Gelgoog S
* Zeta
* Rick Dom

Also added is my Non-PG 1/60 Zeta. It’s listed under Zeta/ZZ/CCA. It’s big, and ugly.
There are about 6 pics in each area.
Now, crosswinds seems to be playing a little havoc with my menu system, but I’ve found it easier to use if you have the real URL for this site, not the forwarded one. So click this and it will bring you to this page, but out of the forwarding address of www.mechaknight.com.
Enjoy them ^_^

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