Spam is bad, Spam is annoying, but Spam is an everyday occurrence, except…
After logging into Hotmail, I notice I have a message from the staff saying that my account is too large. No prob, probably got some joke mail from a friend of mine. So I look around, and notice that the largest peice of mail is from the hotmail staff. Odd. So then I figure it’s all piled up in the junk-mail folder. Sure was…ALL 2900 E-MAILS!!!!
And most of them about VIAGRA!!! I’m 25 and in no need of VIAGRA!!!!
And certainly not 2900 e-mails about Viagra, all apparently from the same person.
So, yes, over 9Megs of e-mail was sitting in my junk mail folder. I guess that’d be like getting 3000 fliers about a pizza place that’s not in your town.

After much protesting, I’ve changed the colours back to the original setting.
At least I think I have. I had the old files, but buggered it up changing the names…it’s an online thing…
Over the weekend I saw Driven. My only recommendation for the movie is to burn down the theater that’s showing it. Not only is the movie bad, easily the worst dialogue I’ve ever heard, it’s also wrong in most places.
I mean, there’s suspension of disbelief, and then there’s out and out wrong.
I could go into the finer details of WHAT was wrong in the movie, but I’d sound like a car racing fan, and I’m not…well, not really, but even I KNEW IT WAS WRONG!! How’s that?!
For a better write up, see the Filthy Critics take on the movie.
That was Friday. Saturday I purchased an adapter type thing that will allow me to plug in pluggy things into my car. For instance, I can take your average blender, and with this adapter thing, use it in my car. It’s very nice. It means that I can plug in the vid camera without having to charge the batteries every night. Same goes for the laptop.
We also had a BBQ on Saturday. Very fun, and there was a great Hi-lighter fight in which I finally remembered that I had the camera and taped half-way through. I’ll post some of the better bits soon.
And I have to make a copy of my music video tonight so that I can send in the mail tomorrow.

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