I am apparently on a karma low.
Nearly kill a ped on Thursday, buy some bad video tapes on the same day, get a speeding ticket Sunday, it was starting to look up on Monday with the good weather, then yesterday sucked.
And now I don’t even get the Fashion Show video taping gig!
Because if I had known earlier I would have gotten a ticket and sat with people I know!
Double DAMN!
So, I’ve decided to stay low and watch out for stray bullets until my karma goes on an upswing.

Understanding that this is old news, Akira will be released in theaters soon and then on DVD by the end of the summer.
Here is the official site
It all looks good, but the only thing I’m worried about is that they’re changing the dubbing with new voice actors. I for one hopped that they didn’t do this. For one, I actually LIKED the dubbing, and two, it just won’t be the same.

In my morning routine, I surf to alot of sites. This morning, I went to the Bandai Perfect Gundam Page and was looking at, not reading, updates on the new HGUC Gundam RX78. Looks like a fine kit. They have interviews, again can’t read it, with either the designers or just some random Japanese guy. Actually, just reading a bad translation, I think it’s the guy in charge of production.
Regardless, I think he looks how I would look if I were a thin japanese man…or if I was him…

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