Had a good weekend, until last night at about 9:30.
Yes, it finally happened, I got a speeding ticket.
I was doing 105 in an 80 zone, and the worst part is that I passed a police cruiser.
To my credit, and just barely at that, it was unmarked.
But, I treating this as a good thing.
You see, I’ve been speeding alot lately, and not just alot, but by alot as well. So, this ticket really brought that to my attention(expensive way to learn, but sometimes the only) and I’ll be speeding alot less from now on.
Right, now about the weekend.
I visited some friends in Bracebridge/Gravenhurst this weekend. Now, there’s two things to do in these towns; go out to drink or stay home and drink. Not wanting to miss out on any of the events, I did both!
So Friday night we go out to drink, and between the three of us have five pitchers of beer.
Saturday, we hooked up all the computers(yes, we’re geeks) and got drunk and played games all night.
I think the best part is when my friends Mom started handing out the drinks. I think I drank more of her Rum than I did of my whisky!
All in all, a good weekend. And yes, if anyone from there is reading this, I did go to work today.

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