First off, Happy Easter.
Now, about my weekend, or more specifically, Friday.
It wasn’t a very Good Friday. But first, a little history…
On my way back from a day trip to Montreal, I noticed a little grinding noise coming from my rear passenger-side brake.
At first, I thought it might be a rock or something, but since I needed to change the oil anyway, I decided to bring it in to VW to get them to look at it.
Well, a couple of days go buy, and I get my car back. They said that they didn’t find anything wrong during the inspection.
Sounds reasonable. A few days go by and the sound comes back. Well, thinking that it’s a rock again, I go through the motions of trying to get it out.
No luck.
A few weeks go by and the sounds gets worse and worse, so I finally have my friend take a look at it(he knows all about those car things), and much to our combined shock, we didn’t find a rock, but we also didn’t find a BRAKE PAD!!!
And of course, the rotor is ground down to shit, just as it would be.
At this point, I’m PISSED! Those bastards at VW said they did an inspection, but what did they inspect? Just by looking at it I could tell that it didn’t have a brake pad!
This is just insane!
So, now Monday rolls around, and I call VW. I ask to speak with the manager of the Service department, tell him my little story, and he sounds shocked. Well, he should be!
He calls me back and states that I only asked for a inspection of the front passenger brake. Now, does that make sense?
I thought not.
I tell him that I want the rotor replaced and that I’m not paying for a thing. He tells me to bring in the car and they’ll have a look at it. He also mentioned that there is NO WAY that the brake should have been missing.
So, I bring in my car and hand my keys to the manager(not gonna let some peon bugger it up).

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