Spent Saturday in Montreal. I feel very relaxed. And this is the funny bit, and I’ll tell you why.
Living in Ottawa, we hear how bad the drivers from Montreal are. Erratic, aggressive and the like. But I found some sort of odd…pattern…to the chaos. I could anticipate moves, I knew what people were going to do. It seems to be an environmental thing. You have an environment of aggressive drivers, and the only thing that buggers it up is the passive drivers. Same with a group of passive drivers, the one aggressive guy buggers the whole thing up. But what the drivers had in Montreal was not only aggressive driving, but a certain style and ease at which this aggressiveness presented itself. Like I said, order to the chaos. Like it was all planned. Can’t really explain it more than that, but I’d prefer to drive in Montreal than Ottawa. In Ottawa, the drivers are passive, and they can’t drive, but the real problem is, they don’t know it, and assume that no one else can drive, and it gets real ugly. Ottawa has to have the WORST drivers I’ve ever seen.

It’s going to be one of those days.
Waited for a bus, and even though it was empty, it didn’t stop.
Made a snide remark behind someone that was using the Handicapped thingy to open the doors with, and she turned around to look at me as I had my hands up in an odd fashion…
I saw the most attractive woman this morning, and then nearly killed her in a revolving door.
Got on the elevator this morning just as I realized that I wanted to buy something from the main floor…
And it’s not lunchtime yet…

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