Yes, the SideKick has purchased himself a vid cam, a nice one too.
You know what this means?
Actually, no. What it does mean, among other things, is that I can take pics of my models and post them on the page. This is a good thing.
It also means that I have to get my butt in gear and finish my models properly.

We had an interesting “discussion” today about the Baby boomers and how they’re all retiring in about 10 minutes.
The central theme was this, “Some of them weren’t able to save the money they needed to get into a retirement home, so they’re asking the government for help”.
The main person heading the “discussion” couldn’t understand how someone could work 30 years and not save enough money for retirement.
This person stated that if they just planned ahead then they would have been fine, and she blamed the consumerist attitude for the fact that people are not saving money(something this person also fails of).
This would be a sound argument if it wasn’t for one small detail, the future is uncertain at the best of times.
You can’t plan for EVERYTHING that will happen in your life.
Today, you’re making $50,000/year(after taxes), you live in a nice house(not too much, just enough), you have a lovely other(also making $50000/year), and your expecting your first child any day now, and putting a little something away for the future.
Tomorrow, you’ve come down with the plague (a little much, but you get the idea) and that costs $1000/week for treatments, of which the government is paying $100/week. Your other (loving person) has to hire a nanny to take care of the children(oh, did I mention that you have another?) because you’re out of work. But, you do get better, 4 years later (plague is really nasty), and decide to enter the working force. Problem is, you’re out of date, and can’t get the job that pays the big bucks. But hey, it’s something.
Then your other dies, and you have two kids, a bad paying job, a mortgage and that little something that you’ve been putting away, gone.
Mind you, by the same token, you could win the lottery tomorrow and never have to worry about money again. You just never know.
This might seem a little extreme, but think of the economy in the last 30 years. Hasn’t always been a bed of roses, has it?
And we tried to explain it to this person, using every example we could, and this person still stood fast and stated that you can plan for anything. If something doesn’t work out, then cut out something else in your life ot make up for it.
I really hope this person does well in life, I’d hate to see it all fall apart for this person, because they wouldn’t know how to handle it.

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