According to Direct Domain (where I got my domain name), my record for the most hits in one day is: 1768! And that was yesterday.
Seems now that I’m averaging more than 1000 hits/day. Hell, maybe one of those people might actually VIEW my page!
Imagine that! A hit where my page is viewed, not just accessed by a search engine!
Will wonders never cease….

For some reason I have decided to make a schedule of the weight of weights that I will be using in my workouts.
In a nutshell, I’ll be adding 5 pounds to everything that I left every two weeks, except for bench press which will be 10 pounds/2 weeks.
Monday (feb 26) is the first time I add weight, and since I work out every two days, I’ll tell you Thursday how it all goes.
If this page doesn’t get updated on the 1st of March, fear the worst.

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