So drunk that I can’t type straight.
Tomorrow is going to hurt.
I have to stay up so that I don’t die the Hendrix way. If you don’t know whast I mean, then it’s niot importnat.
Limp Biskut isn’t the typing skills. I fell like I don’t have full control over my hands.
I really am curiopus how this will turn out.
beleive in posting this page in the way that I typed it.
This is going to look really stupid.
What I need right now is a girlgfriend to tell me that I should have stio[pe drinkking about 3 hours ago.
They keyborard is getting fuzzy
ASnd I’ve already thrown up. Funny how that works. But Slayer is on nmbnowe, and that is good.
I’ve decided that I’m not going to change any of the spelling mistakes, it’s funnier this way.
Did I mentyuiotion that I have over 100 puics of Cathy Rogers… Water is good.
This chair is bad.
Why is it that I can type better than I can speak? Now crosswinds is busy.
<> I’m really drunk.
I hope tyo do this again.
I’m going to watch 8 hours of eighter Star Trek or Godzilla tommorrow….
Diamonds and Rust….such a good song!!!!
Judas Priest…why is so good?
I love my Parents….that’s a fact!
I love my family!!!!
The version of Hallowed Be Thy name on the live album is my favorite song of all time!!!
I’m sobering up, and I’m going to feel like shit tomorrow….

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