12:56 am, and I’m downloading games. First Person Shooters to be percise, because they are fast and pointless.
Things I’ve learned while watching The 6th Day:
# Anyone who was in the military will have a sucessful career after they fight a war.
# In a really tense moment, someone will say something witty.
# No matter how far in the future, fashion will never change, it will always be bad.
# Sure you can have all the kewl safty features in a car, like auto-pilots and super suspension, but put head to head against a Cadilac, and the Caddy will always outperform.
# Bad guys assume that falling off a high cliff into shallow water will kill someone, but that’s because they don’t watch enough action movies.
That’s enough of that.
Oh, and I’ve been informed that UltraEdit can’t spell either….who knew?
People who can spell, that’s who O.o

2:25am, can’t sleep and listening to Iron Maiden, for now that is, MP3 list is random.
My room mate just got a new Mac, and it looks sweet, not sure how he got the money for it, but that’s his business ^_~
Tomorrow is New Years Eve, and I plan to get sloshed. I just hope I’m not the only one. Maybe as recovery I’ll watch all the Godzilla movies that I have.
Damn, I still need three of them. Maybe I’ll treat myself tomorrow.
80’s music now, life is good ^_^
Just bought some weights, now I have to start up an excercise plan, and get myself in a shape other than pear.

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