On my way to work I saw David Suzuki. Not that he was in a car or anything, he was crossing the road. He was so close that I could have reached out and whapped him!
And it’s odd that I saw him tonight because the stuff I’m gonna write about sorta deals with his line of work. Maybe it’s some sort of stupid omen or something…..
So I was talking to my female room-mate AJ last night, as she was using one of my exacto knives to get rid of some missed leg hair, and she was complaining why we needed the hair at all.
Well, that got me thinking, and for the most part, the hair that we still have is there for protection, or at least it should be. I mean, the hair on my head seems to work, the stuff on my arms, legs and chest I could see, and of course my nads are protected, but the only thing that I can’t figure out, is armpit hair.
Why is it that I need to have my armpits protected?
Are they vulnirable to attack? Could my pits smell worse without them?
I doubt that.
And another thing, why is it that men have facial hair and women don’t?
Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with women not having facial hair, in fact, I prefer it. But it makes me wonder is all…
Well, there you have it, something to thik about on a Thursday.
I’m sorry.

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