I should explaine why I haven’t been updateing the page lately, it’s simple really, I’ve been lazy.
I’d also like to say that nothing really exciting has been happenieng for me to write about, this is also false.
So, here’s the rundown:
Thursday night, I had a wonderful dinner with my parents, and then had beer and gifts with friends, many beer ^_^ Not to mention one of the greatest shirts that I’d ever seen. It’s like a Hawian(?) shirt, but with a anime-type character on it. They got it for me, and I was so happy I wore it out to drink beer. It’s a great shirt. My friends also got me survival stuff for my trip, including something that I thought was spam, but was actually a survival kit. Also, they got me the SAS Survival Guide, very kewl, and going to be very useful at the anime convention(“I wonder if this carpet is edible, let’s consult the book…”).
Well, I drank and drank to 2 in the morning, and then came home and went to bed. At 5, I had to go to the bathroom, and I did that(at that time in the morning, nothing is good) and after doing my thing and exiting the bathroom, my other room-mate told me that it probably wasn’t a good idea that I did that. I asked him to explain(5am, brain no work), and he told me that the light cover thing in the kitchen had collapsed…BTW, that light cover thing is located directly UNDER the toilet…damn.
So, I head downstaires and low and behold, there’s sewage all over the kitchen…yummy!
So, at 5am I mopped the floor, and decided that it would be best for me to go back to sleep and worry about this later.
My other room-mate got up later than I(well, later than the first time that I got up) and cleaned the rest of the kitchen. We then had breakfast somewhere else…
That was Friday…no wait, I also bought a Palm Pilot…very nice ^_^
Saturday, very slow, plumber guy came in, fixed a leak. AJ bought a kitchen thing to replace the peach crates(nice unit, only $150) and I did nothing for the rest of the night.
Sunday was buying stuff day at Canadian Tire. Spent $175(more than I thought) but I got some good stuff for my trip. As far as I can think, I don’t need to buy anything else, other than food.
And then Monday…well, it was Monday, same as Tuesday really.
Now it’s Wednesday, and it’s not lunchtime yet…Over to you Bob…

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