I think the longest part of my day is between when I’ve decided to stop being productive and waiting for Tara to call.

Sometimes that’s just a few minutes, tonight was a few hours.

Granted, I did get things done. I cleaned. Upstairs at least. The bathroom needed cleaning/organizing, and the master bedroom needed a cleaning. So that’s what I did. And I was doing that just before I stopped doing it.

Then I wandered over to the computer and did…other things. One of the things was finishing transfering the Dr Who movie so that the XBox could play it. Then I watched it.

I can now say I did that. And it’s done. Other than being cannon, I can’t say much else about the movie. I don’t recall the history behind it(can’t remember if it was supposed to be a pilot or something) but it wasn’t bad. Wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad.

The acting was terrible though. I mean…really terrible. With the exception of the Drs(yes, there were two).

But I have to admit that, everytime I watch something like this, it makes me want to build a TARDIS control panel. Not sure what I would do with it, or where I would put it, but it would be fun to have.

Tomorrow is Friday. I suspect I was going to say more about that, but it’s gone from me now.

And with that, good night all and happy weekend 🙂

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