30 minute TV

As a preface:
I try to bike daily, and it takes more or less 20 minutes.
And when I bike I like to watch *something*, but I have satalite, and therefor no signal in the basement.
But I do have a divx/xvid dvd player down there, so I download tv shows to watch.
However, I’ve just run through 7 seasons of Good Eats, and now I need something else.
I can’t watch anime because the TV is so old the subs are missing from the screen.
That, and I don’t want to read and bike 😛

So, what I need are TV shows that are a few years old(so that I can get more than one season at a time) and that are interesting to watch.
They can be pretty much whatever, but something more than Friends. Because if I watch all of that, I’ll die. And become stupid, which is pretty much the same thing.
Oh, and it would be best if they were 30 minute shows, as without commercials it works out to about 20.

So, suggestions?


  1. thinkschematwo

    I recently stopped by AOL’s In2Tv (if you get a US IP via proxy or whatever you won’t have trouble – I’ve got a Netscape/AOL IP…).

    I watched Silverhawks (just because) and Max Headroom (something I never really watched while it was on).

    [They just don’t make TV like they used to.]

    Sitcoms and kids cartoons are about the best I can offer.

    (PowerPuff Girls? Are You Being Served? (Poor John Inman) Corner Gas (for download or on DVD)? …)

    You could always just burn a bunch of Old Time Radio to disk. The Shadow, The Whistler, Suspense, etc. are all pretty good. Record some visualization while playing or just lay it over something else…

    I watched Night Court once or twice while biking, but other than that it was TVO or Global.

    [this long and rambling post brought to you by Barney Fife… er, ?!?]

  2. olletho


    There’s more then enough to last you a while.

  3. briar_rose2

    I downloaded about 5 seasons of Scrubs and I really enjoyed that. In fact, now that I think of it, that’s what I watched when we still had the eliptical trainer! (the leg kept falling off every 5 mins so we got rid of it) Or what about Arrested Development? I’ve only seen 2 shows but it seems funny enough.

  4. sidekickca

    I had a goal of converting the Robotech that I had from MKV(useless) to avi, and it kinda worked, yet this DVD player seems to stall on every episode.
    That would have lasted me 70+ days I think ^_^

    But old school cartoons would be cool if I can find them.

  5. sidekickca

    I’ll look for MASH, but near the end it got all serious.
    Mind you, by the time I get to it I should be about 100lbs ^_^

  6. sidekickca

    Arrested Development never took my fancy.
    Not sure why.

    Scrubs would be easy to find.

    Right now I’m downloading a whole boatload of DrWho.

  7. packetfire

    I didn’t know you had an artificial leg… Oh you mean the trainer…

  8. anonymous

    Rick Merecer
    Corner Gas

    All great half hour shows that are a few years old

  9. flying_squirrel

    I haven’t been watching all that much lately. And I tend to go for concise little series nowadays. But if I had lots and lots of time to get through TV series, I’ve got a few I’d sit down and watch…

    If you’re looking for a commitment, there’s like 9 seasons of Stargate SG1 and two or three more of Atlantis. A few of my friends really got into it, but apparently you have to stick with it before it gets really good.

    You’ve already watched House, right? I really have to watch the second season.

    Cartoons are good for the 22 minute thing. Justice League kicks all sort of ass, and there’s lots of that. You could go back through the old Batman Animated Serieses if you’re so inclined. Teen Titans is also surprisingly good, considering it’s trying too hard to be anime.

    Then there’s Avatar. I’m not sure if you have to be a girl to really get into Avatar, but judging from my friends list, it seems to help. Having said that, I’ve watched some and it’s got potential.

    And yeah. Doctor Who. Obviously.


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