Saw this Friday with friends.

First off, great movie!
Plenty of action, the effects were great, and I really enjoyed myself.

You’re not going to learn much from this movie, but that’s not the point.
That, and I think the actors were assembled more for their chiseled abs than their acting skill 😛

I was a really neat minimalist approach to the backdrop, nothing that wasn’t relevant to the story was there.
I liked it, but it did give it a weird feeling of being done on stage.
As in a live show. Really weird. But good weird.

The effects did get a little old, but not too old.
Listening to comments behind me, they did give it a neat comic panel look. All action then slow down to emphasis something.
It’s not done as often as the previews would lead you to believe.

It didn’t end in the way that I thought it would, but I also didn’t read the comics.
I would happily recommend that everyone go see this. It rocked.

, how was it on IMAX?


  1. briar_rose2

    I thought that it waw a good movie. I felt that it really did remind me of the frames of a comic book. I remember that the Hulk tried to do something similar, but it was way too literal. This gave you the feel of a comic book, rather than the obviousness of what they were trying to achieve in he Hulk. And yes I know, the Hulk wasn’t that great a movie,, but I see where what it was hoping to achieve. Plus I like the mythology aspect of the movie too. After taking a mythology course I appreciate some of what was done where i may have missed it before.

  2. thinkschematwo

    I actually almost want to see the movie.

    I didn’t really expect great acting, but the whole Spartan thing sounded kind of neat.

    I recently saw a piece on how it was done entirely on a Montreal sound stage with CGI for everything backdrop related. (I wondered how that would come off…)

    Anyhow, off to bed and hoping to catch the show tomorrow (I did bookmark the station… just have to tune in!).


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