4, count em!

Looking down the barrel of a long weekend.
4 Day baby!

And for parts of it, it’ll actually be a little busy.

Tara more or less moves in this weekend, with everything but furniture and odds and ends.
That all happens next weekend and should take like about an hour.
After this weekend, she’s not working the second job, so she might actually be able to get some sleep 🙂

Then Easter stuff to deal with. Not sure if dinner’s going to be Sunday or Monday. I think we’re all leaning towards Sunday.

On the MP3 front, still not really happy with Media Monkey. It’s just not showing a lot of love.
That’s mostly with RSS feeds for podcasts. Maybe the way it’s reading them, maybe it’s just he way the servers are presenting them. Hard to say.
Mind you, I would like something that didn’t remind me from time to time that I should really buy the full version.
I liked that about winamp, but that had it’s own problems.
Mind you, because I’ve used winamp for so long, I really don’t know what else is out there.

Songbird isn’t ready.
Media Jukebox 12 just doesn’t give me helpful podcast options.
There was some other one I tried…
Anyone suggest anything?
I might try all this again in Linux.

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