4 day weekend

IBM gives me a certain amount of floaters each year that they pretty much assign to you.

What this means, for the most part, is that they make 3 day weekends 4 day weekends, and that’s what’s happening this weekend.

Tara and I plan to make the most of it really. Firstly, I’m going to wire as much of the basement as I can. Right now the main wire is coming from the fuse box to a spot on the ceiling. I’ve installed half the boxes, now it’s just a matter of running the wire. It’ll take a full day I think, but shouldn’t be rocket science. Then I’ll go get the permit and have my inspection. Or I might just hook it all up myself and be done with it. Hard to say really.

Then it’s baby room stuff. I’ll have to employ some additional help to move stuff, but I think I can get that done. I have some shelves and a desk to move out still. That should take 30 minutes. Then I should get around to repairing the holes in the wall all this moving has caused 😉

Tara and I also plan to have a picnic day. We’re thinking Tuesday as everyone else would have to be back at work, and therefore virtually any place we go would be pretty quiet. In theory.

This leaves us a couple of days to do…stuff. I should mow my parents lawn on Saturday, and get around to playing some StarCraft maybe on the Monday 🙂

And some sleep, it would be nice to get some of that as well.

What is everyone else doing on the long weekend?

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