That’s how long(roughly) I’ve been working for IBM Canada during it’s lifetime.
It really doesn’t mean much, it was just kinda interesting to know.

In perspective, I’ve worked here for 14.1% of my lifetime(current).

Let’s have some fun with numbers!

I’ve lived in the Ottawa area for 46% of my life.
I’ve owned a dog for 4.5% of my life, but about 90% since I’ve owned a house.
I’ve been a home owner for roughly 6%, and I’ve owned a car for 27%.
Hmmm, I’ve had these shoes for 14% of my life, maybe it’s time to give them up.

I’ve liked anime(as anime) for 44%, RPGs for 75%(wow) and heavy metal for 53%.

I’ve been eating peanut butter for 81%(not constantly), sushi for 38% and beer for 88%(although there was a large gap there).

I’ve had a LJ account for 8%, but I’ve been blogging(as it were) for 25%.

And I’ve spent at least 15% of my working day on this post 😀

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