OK, so the week is over.

Tara’s brother left yesterday, and her Mom is leaving tomorrow.
It’ll be sad times for Tara 🙁
I mean, she sees her family roughly once a year. And she’s uber close to her mom so that really makes it rough.

Tuesday was Grad day and everything went well. I mean, other than the 50million degree heat, it went well.
Then a nice BBQ with the fam. Simon and I had fun with the deck door. Everytime I went out to flip something, he would be there at the door banging on the glass.
Fun stuff 🙂

Wednesday we went to the mint(boring) and then had some great Italian food and saw some amature comedy.
At least it was only $6.
One guy, who totally panicked(first time on stage) will be great one day. He has the jokes, he just has to memorize them(apparently reading your jokes on stage is a bad thing).

Work is kinda picking up. Which is weird because it’s the summer and it normally slows to a crawl. But oh well, it’s good for me 🙂

I don’t think I could work from home 100% of the time. I feel really restless.
I think I like going in the morning and working from home in the afternoon. Makes it feel a little more like home and not the office.

Snagged the Lego Indiana Jones game. Much like the Lego Star Wars, it’s a lot of fun and not really hard.
It’s got a few cute things thrown in. Like Luke trapped in the Wumpa cave.

The controls need work, but they always do. The whip is cool, but seems to have a mind of it’s own. If I’m facing one way, you would assume that’s the direction the whip would go.
No, it wants to go to the closest thing that it can grab onto. Rather annoying.
Other than that, I can see myself hooked to get the game 100% done, which, if I remember correctly, should take about three full passes.

I’ll be in Toronto at the end of the month for training.
23 to whatever the Friday is.
Unlike the other times, I won’t be driving. It’s not worth it.

Anyway, something’s loaded, back to work.

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