Anything you want to know?

If I can answer it or make it up, I’ll do so.

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  1. thinkschematwo

    Ooh, a challenge!

    Okay, first off… how’d you tabulate your comment results?

    I had a quick look and I can find my last 10, and then some other stuff, but I don’t see a short way to do it. (I’m not likely to do a run on my own, but I’m curious you see…)

    Other than that, what do you recommend in the way of sushi? (You’re one of two people I know that are likely to have sound advice… the other should be along shortly.)

    [This stems from a recent move to “experiment” with food. (Hey, it’s a relatively safe thing…) Seafood seemed like an interesting place to start… I tried scrambled eggs for the first time ever last weekend. Know what… Don’t like ’em. Did try processed seafood (calamari) and clam chowder too though… Calamari seemed more pleasant than clam… Both were palatable because the meat was in small chunks and hidden in chowdery mystery.]

    Anyhow, if you’re bored, and feel so inclined, a note or two about the finer points of sushi consumption would tweak my interest.


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