I’m in that stage where I can’t sleep yet don’t want to be awake.
With any luck the typing isn’t going to wake Tara.

Hero’s was pretty awesome tonight, and it looks like it’s gonna be a gritty show this year.

The weekend was very nice.
Saturday we wandered(eventually) up to the Gateneau hills. We brought the dog and bikes and the plan was to bike. Well, that died pretty quickly as we didn’t see any paved bike paths, and the only thing that was paved was the main road. I wasn’t too crazy about biking with the dog while cars are wizzing past.
So we walked a little instead.
Then we drove around and just took in the sights. It’s really a beautiful place. I’ll post pics.

Sunday was also mostly quiet. We did some house work, got some groceries, and generally just relaxed.
I’d like to think there was something else, but I don’t think there was.

I suppose that since it’s 1am, I should try to sleep again.
Not sure if that’s gonna work though.

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