Tara and I finished "We love Katamari" last night.
It’s kinda sad as we have no new Katamari to play. Granted, we haven’t done the two player yet, so there’s still hope.
I should see about getting another wireless controller while I still can.

Last night we went to a leaders debat, not even for my riding, but Tara’s office wanted some seat fillers, and there we were.

She asked me what I wanted about politics, and what my views were.

I don’t really have any, I think.

Well, she mentioned, do I want more government or less. I think I want less, but I’m not sure what that means.
Do I want less government control over my life. Yes. But how much less?
Do I want more transparency? Yes. But again, how much.
For the latter, I think a report, maybe anually, maybe quartly, on where my tax money is going would be nice.
I’m not talking about uber specifics, but something like this:
-on average, 10% of my federal taxes went to blah
-on average, 5% of my property tax went to glah
It would be nice to see where it’s going, and more specifically, not just; oh look, road work, my tax dollars at work!
Mind you, for all I know, they already do that and I’ve never bothered to look.

So yea, I’m not great at the whole political thing.

But what I can tell you is that the women in the debate acting their age, while the boys didn’t.
And the audience can get ornary!

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  1. flying_squirrel

    You can get that stuff.

    Governments put reams and reams of data online. The challenge is sifting through it. And don’t expect the goddamn media to do it for you; they’re too busy chasing after the latest scandal. 😛


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