Tomorrow is the US long weekend which means it’s gonna be a little slow for me.
Which isn’t a bad thing as this will allow me to do other things that need doing before the end of the year.

And I have Monday off as well.
I might even spend the day at Tara’s work as I should be able to login there to do work.
If I can’t, well, then I have to come home.

Oh yea, we have the Conservative Christmas party on Monday as well.
It was strongly suggested that we attend, so we will.
It’s a good excuse to get all dressed up and meet all the people that Tara works with.
Oh yea, the PM is going to be there. I can tell him that I didn’t vote for him 😉

For our anniversary, I did not get my super cool FI a time capsule.
This is something that my super cool FI knows, but refuses to admit.
The look on her face when I present to her the gift that’s not a time capsule…priceless. 😀

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