A boy and his dog

All my life I’ve had a dog as a pet.
Well, we had fish there for a little while, but that really didn’t work out.
You can’t play fetch with a fish, you can wrestle fish(well, most fish) and generally, fish are boring.
However, fish are less likely to run away, pee on the carpet, and chew stuff that you like.

But hands down, I would prefer a dog any day.
So that’s why, not 5 months after buying a house, I went and picked myself up a dog.

had some good luck with going to the Ottawa Humane Society when he got Kiera. So I thought I’d do the same thing.
Boy, is that hard to do.
I have a big heart, and generally I love all things mammal. So browsing their dog listing was really really hard.
They generally have a cute picture and a good write up about the dogs temperament and their qualities. Also, what kind of home they should go to(kids, no kids, other animals, etc).
They also give an estimated age and how long they’ve been there.
Now, before I go on I should point out that the OHS does not put down animals. They’ll keep them as long as they can at that location.
I do suspect that just means that someone else does the dirty work. I’d prefer not to think about it really. But I had to ask them.

Anyway, the day and I went, I had two choices in mind.
My first choice had been adopted the day before.
When I made my choice, they got me to read a full write up(much more in depth) and made me fill out forms and questioners.
Finally, I was allowed to meet her. They took us into this little room and just let us play with her.
She was awesome. 100 billion hot dogs worth of awesome.
She was playful and full of energy. I found out later that my first choice had more energy. I can’t even imagine that 🙂

I snatched her up and brought her home.
and Steph came over just a little later to see her.
At the time she really didn’t have a name. Shawnee was what they called her at the OHS, but I just didn’t like it.
But she was running all over the back yard like a flake, and for a moment, she was called Flakey.
Dad popped over later still and just loved her. She’s so friendly and lovable it’s hard not to like her.

That night Doug popped over and we went out to get a couple of movies.
Now, my initial plan was, when I left for the day, she was allowed to roam the kitchen.
So I bought this babygate thing, one of the wooden expandable ones. I attached one end to the banister and the other to the door frame.
The dog looked happy enough in the kitchen.
So Doug and I left.
When I got back, I looked through the front window, and I noticed some things on the ground.
I went in to see what had happened, and there were remotes chewed, things a mess, and the dog just sitting there in the kitchen, looking as innocent as ever.
I was boggled. What on earth had happened?
I suspected that she climbed up over the kitchen chairs, went out through the room divider, made her mess, and jumped back over the couch when I got back.
Sneakiest dog ever!
Well, Doug and I watched our movies, and when the time came to drive him home, I made sure that she couldn’t use the chairs anymore.
I wandered down the hall, about to leave, and I heard her lean on the baby gate, and it went pretty much to the ground.
Well, that’s not helpful at all 🙂

The next night was dinner at the folks, and that’s how she got her name. Mom looked up snowflake in Inuit, and Qanuk was the best one of the bunch.
A legend was born!

I’ve had Quanuk for over a year now, and she’s about to turn three(sometime this month).
During our time together, we’ve been through a lot.
Some good.
Some not so good.
But through it all, I’m glad she’s here, and I think she feels the same way.

So, why is my dog 100 billion hot dogs worth of awesome?
1. She’s quiet, unless she wants to play, the she growls a really cute growl
2. She’s lovable. She hasn’t met someone she doesn’t love and would follow home
3. She’s really really playful, especially with kids
4. She’s good with kids, of all ages. Her temperament is so easy going, as long as you’re not actively hurting her, she’s all with it
5. She’s damn cute
6. She has looking pitiful down to a science
7. She puts up with all my “abuse” 🙂

If you can, I really suggest getting an awesome dog of your own.

And since this post would be pointless without a pic, I present to you the first one I have of her. This was shortly before she chewed the camera. 😉


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  1. flying_squirrel

    Truly an awesome dog. XD


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