A Man umungst Nerds

Sorry, that?s just how I feel. I don?t know why I keep coming to these things, the fans have to be the nerdiset bunch of nerds I?ve ever seen. The two people behind me, started out talking about Gundam, which is cool, and then, without taking a breath, switched to their various skin problems, and whos could detect toxic fumes faster depending on what thier skin did.
Then someone piped up about dry hair and I just tuned them out.
As per usual with any anime con, by the 20th person, they ran out of badge holders and change for a twenty. Good thing I thought about this and picked up exact change.
Point, SideKick.
I also decided to bring a laptop, but was worried about available power outlets. However, it looks like there?s one every foot.
Point, SideKick.
And now I?m waiting for the opening cerimonies, and I haven?t yet regretted showing up.
Point, well, point nerds.

Just for the record, I too am a nerd. I just keep my skin conditions to myself.

The presenters here fill me with complete confidence. They seem to be mouthing to each other that no one seems to know what?s supposed to happen. Might I mention that they should follow the schedule that they handed me? No, that would be to easy. Better to let them suffer.

Ummm, seems that this is the last year for the all night anime, and next year it will be full con!
Good God, I don?t think that Ottawa can support a con, of any size.
Darcy, guess you have to drive here now ^_^

Rob from the Comic Book Shoppe is here peddling his wares. Guess he had nothing better to do as well. Don?t know if he?ll stay all night, but it would be funny to see ^_^
I started the buying by picking up the first two FLCL mangas. Hey, they were 20% off and I haven?t bought managa in a very long time. Needed some mindless reading.

Nothing that I want to do has started yet. First is the ?Current State of Anime?, that should be, dull. But, it beats sitting out here in the lobby. Bairly.
Maybe I?ll read.
Maybe I?ll write.
Maybe I?ll move my butt to another room.

People people people, please keep your ailments to yourself.

I have been told that ticket sales have broken 100. And they want to go full con next year?
I suppose that I?m used to larger cons like Anime North, but I suppose that 100+ people could make a con.
I would probably go, because much like tonight, I?m bored out of my skull.

magical shopping district (adv)

Had a nice discussion about anime in general. It was supposed to be The State of Anime, but since there were three panalists, and two people in the audience, it turned into a general discussion about anime in general. It was nice to talk to fans that weren?t freaks. But maybe if I got to know people at these sorts of things I would find that most of them aren?t freaks.
I?m not willing to take that chance ^_^
But I will be back at a later panel, once I watch some actuall anime. And I got a tip about a potentiall kewl show, magical Shopping District, sounds like it?s Sliders but better. And anime.
So now I?m gonna watch Junkers.

Looks just like Logan ^_^

Four hours in, only 11 to go.
Getting tired already. Need to make tea. Need to find boiling water.

Gonna play Anime name that tune. I?m gonna suck. That?s just the way it is. But I might win a prize. And that would be keen.
Still need to find water for tea.

Got tea, filled it with coffee. Dumb idea. Irish Breakfast tea…steeped in coffee…twitchy.
Getting harder to stay still, and there?s nothing for me to do at the moment.
Skipped Millenium Actress to loose, actually, not even participate, in name that tune. Probably a good thing that I didn?t participate, since I didn?t get one.

Oh, and that bit about getting to know more about the people around me, fuck that, they scare me. And why must they tell me of their ailments? DON?T CARE!
I know, I?m sounding a little harsh, but no more personal info!

So I gots more coffee…more twitchy twitchy….
So, what could I be doing? Sleeping comes to mind, if I could blink. But I seem to be in the middle of a bunch of showings.
I really hope that I?m not in the fan-art panel, I didn?t want to be in the fan art panel.
I should be writing. I?m more awake now than I have been in weeks.
Cool, the art panel has Trogdor!

Fine, and a colourblind guy….if the meek are going to inherit the earth, they?re all here.

More happy conversations with anime folk, the ones that don?t scare the hell out of me are fine. The ones that do, well, I think it?s fairly self explanitory.
OK, Chobits porn….help me….

Not really twitchy now, mostly calm, either that or I?m getting used to it.

Oh, now that I?ve stopped talking the twitching is coming back. It has just occured to me that I haven?t eaten anything since noon, not bad, 12 hours ago.

Maybe I should get pizza….maybe I should shut the hell up!
Sorry…like an inside joke, but to myself.
Boy, wide awake and completly asleep all at the same time.

2:30, and still alive. There?s gonna be an hour break while they do prizes and the like. I wonder if they realize that they have some Bendi stuff up for prizes, and it looks to be in some rough shape at that.
I haven?t actually watched a lot of anime, but I?ve generally had a good time here.
I am seriously debating on staying the whole night, but I suppose as long as there?s stuff for me to do, I?ll stay.
I seem to be amungst the oldest here, with a few exceptions of the hard-core gamer types of course.
I?m not tired, but I?m feeling the effects of being up too late, mostly I?m really really warm. Maybe a quick walk outside to get some air and the like would be a good idea.
After the raffle draw maybe.

I did do a little bit of writing, but I?m still about 15,000 words behind. But I?ve completly dropped a story arc, and now I can concentrate on the real story. I think. I could be lying to myself, which is entirely possible.
Start fresh Monday I suppose.


I wanted to make a coment about the only cute anime chick here, but anyway I was gonna do this it would make me look like a pervert. Which I?m sure I am, but I haven?t acted on anything, so that makes it OK right?
Straight to hell for me….

Anime North isn?t at a hotel this year. This is probably a good thing. But now I have to find a hotel close to it. I should get Darcy in on this, make sure he?s going this year.

All the good shit is gone, not gonna go up if my number is called. To make it worse, the one after and before mine has been called. If that?s not a sign from God, nuthin is.
Besides, I don?t need another poster. No room on my walls.

It?s 3am, and I?m starting to wonder if I care anymore.
I don?t know, going to these anime things alone has really started to suck. I think I?d prefer to go with friends, but I think that?s always the case.

Yes I?m rambling, leave me alone.

This will be the logest single post in the world….

I do worry about driving home though. I?m not tired now, but I?ll probably be tired at 9am. That is a whole six hours away.

I can?t help think I?m wasting my life somehow.
But really, I?d just be sleeping right now. It is sounding good. But I?ve made it this far, 9 hours in, 6 hours to go.


Going to hell, she?s no where near my age….but no one is these days….

And no, my number was not called.

I don?t think I want to watch anime any more. Not as in forever, anymore, just not right now, anymore.
However, if I go back to the open room and there?s some interesting conversation, then I?ll be up for that.
But nothing on the schedule peeks my interest right now.
Maybe I?ll just go home.

Anime cons, big or small, should be shared with friends. Words to live by.

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