Additional Updates

Things I should have talked about that went on Sunday, but totally forgot as I was trying to focus on golf.

Mind you, one of them is about golf, so I have no excuse there.

On the second hole, my Dad started out the day right by nearly killing a random player. OK, so maybe not killing, but wounding.

Seems my Dad has a nasty right slice at times, and this time it was aimed right at a guy waiting to tee off on the third hole. To his credit, my Dad had both great aim and distance. 😉

We also had the whole family over for dinner that night. I feel mostly bad about this as Tara had to do all the work as I was playing golf for 6 hours(more or less, including travel time).

She made an awesome chicken lasagna and some sweet lemon meringue pie. But we both agreed that whipping meringue at room temp is never happening again. It took both of us about 30 minutes to get the stuff whipped. Too much work for egg whites and sugar.

But it was an excellent evening thanks to my wonderful fiancee 😀

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  1. Jim

    Hold on, I’m looking… looookinnngg… Nope. I can’t seem to find my invitation for lasagna and lemon meringue pie…


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