Ads and the like

So LJ has added an option for a “sponsered” membership.
Meaning that, if I choose to have ads on my page, then I get additional perks.
This isn’t a bad idea, and here’s why:
1. I get a say in the kind of ads that are shown
2. I can opt out at anytime(and loose the perks, but at least I have the option)
3. People that have a paid account, don’t see the ads
4. They aren’t graphical (at least, not yet)

It’s a smarter opt-in ad service, and I think it will do well. I have had to change the look of the main page though, the old layout didn’t accomidate the ad space too well, but no biggie.
The only thing is, now that I can have a custom mood theme, I have to either find a theme or make one.
I thought that the paid people had more options in terms of pre-done mood themes, but apparently not.
Or at least it’s not available to us ad people…

Sounds like too much work ^_^

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