Age and the Like

When I was younger I couldn’t fully understand what age meant. For me, 60 seemed like that feeble old man in a wheel chair with an oxygen  mask.

Well, my Dad is turning 65 and he’s still wrestling with his three grandsons, so that goes right out the window.

Hell, at the time, 30 seemed like an odd age to be. Not retired, no longer in school, it seemed like this odd middle age(if you will) of existence.  I bring this up because I’m turning 37 this year, and while that’s approaching 40, I’m also looking at the unbuilt(but soon will be) Star Wars Lego sets on my desk. I don’t feel 30, 37 or 40 for that matter.

I feel…me. Which I guess is how it should be.

Yes, over the years my tastes of changed. Stuff that used to excite me at 20 no longer does(most anime comes to mind). But at the same time certain things will always peek my interest(cool gadgets and whatnot).

When I do feel it, it’s body wise. My balance isn’t where it used to be(wall jousting champ no more!), my joints ache a certain amount, and I’m not as energetic as I used to be.

Now, that could all be caused by fatherhood, but let’s call it aging Smile

So what am I saying?

I really don’t know, I just thought I’d point out the Rob Halford will be 62 this year and Iron Maiden, whom I’m seeing as a birthday gift from my lovely wife, are all in their 50’s.

So there. Smile with tongue out


  1. matt

    Hey there!

    Yeah, I’m beginning (… we’ll go with beginning …) to feel a little creaky myself by times.

    I find myself sounding like I need a rocking chair, woolen blanket (and a shotgun) for the front porch…

    Get off my lawn! 🙂

    Anyhow, where was I…

    Oh yes, a happy 37th to you sir!

    And many more!


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